Amrut Hosts Second Annual Bursary Felicitation and Networking Event

The Amrut Foundation recently hosted their second annual Bursary Felicitation and Networking Event, bringing together a diverse group of students from various universities and higher learning institutions. This gathering provided a unique opportunity for students to connect with donors that support their education, fostering a sense of community and mutual appreciation. The event also saw the presence of university representatives and members of the academic community, emphasizing the collaborative nature of the occasion.

During the session, students actively engaged in the #GIVEBACKFULLCIRCLE program, demonstrating their commitment to making a positive impact on the community. In just one hour, they successfully packed 200 food hampers, showcasing their dedication to giving back.

The day was enriched by thoughtful insights given by business leaders who shared their personal journeys and openly discussed the challenges they faced during their student years. These insights offered valuable guidance to the aspiring scholars in attendance. Furthermore, the students received a comprehensive briefing on Amrut’s impactful work and how they could be involved as part of the bursary program. Instead of the traditional approach of repaying a loan, students are encouraged to
actively participate in Amrut’s development initiatives through the #GIVEBACKFULLCIRCLE program, underscoring the Foundation’s commitment to creating an interdependent developmental network.

Graduates from the bursary program were also recognized for their achievements, highlighting the positive outcomes of the Foundation’s support. The day continued with a lunch networking session, fostering good vibes and meaningful connections that left a lasting impression on all who attended.

As a meaningful memento, specially crafted notebooks from the Khuphuka Program, supported by Amrut, were distributed. This initiative upcycles saris to create beautiful, functional items, reflecting the Foundation’s commitment to sustainability and creative solutions.

The event concluded with a strong message: Amrut Foundation is not only serious about education but also committed to staying abreast with evolving trends in the educational landscape while providing crucial funding. The Foundation emphasizes the importance of reciprocity, encouraging students on bursaries to give back by actively participating in Foundation initiatives. This approach fosters interdependence, strengthens social bonds, and ultimately creates a more resilient and closely-knit community.

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