The Amrut Foundation Helps To Address Critical Water Shortage In Gqeberha (Port Elizabeth), Eastern Cape

Various environmental and social factors have led to a critical water crisis in the Eastern Cape province. With a looming “Day Zero” announcement continuously hanging overhead, various organisations and NGOs have scrambled to attempt to relieve communities of the water shortage.

With the support of the management and trustees of the Malabar Old Age Home in Gqeberha (Port Elizabeth), the Amrut Foundation was able to equip the Home with the facility of a filtrated borehole. The system put in place ensures that clean usable water is directly accessible to residents within their rooms and immediate surroundings.

Crucially, and with the support of the Home and it’s management, Amrut has placed taps outside of the Home for members of the general public to freely make use of the water at any time of the day. This proactive step taken by Malabar Old Age Home and the Foundation has been lauded by the community, as it will assist in addressing the water shortage for the 1000 informal houses and 300 low income houses in the vicinity of the Home.

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