The Amrut Foundation Helps in Addressing Lack of Basic Amenities at Greyville Public School, Lenasia

After consultation with the principal and governing body of Greyville Primary School, Lenasia, the Amrut Foundation undertook the total renovation of all the toilet facilities at the public school due to a long-overdue need for repair and refurbishment to the facilities and its plumbing infrastructure.

Given that the school serves 1334 students, Amrut endeavoured to complete the renovation during the December 2022 school holidays. The swift execution of the project ensured that the students returned to an upgraded facility with better amenities.

Ms. Afeera Khan, acting Principal at Greyville Primary School, expressed her thanks to the Foundation and the donors. She further mentioned that the Foundation managed to address a critical need of the students, thereby making the work of learning easier.

The Foundation also undertook and completed repairs in the school’s hall facility. Staff at the school expressed that the repairs of the hall newly repaired hall facility would allow the school to now utilise the hall as an supplementary source of income.

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