Amrut Foundation and Kynoch Fertilizer Support Local Farmers

The Amrut Foundation is pleased to continue its work in the Kwazulu-Natal, especially in the aftermath of the April 2022 floods that has left the region with long-term societal and economic problems. With the support of Kynoch Fertilizer, the Amrut Foundation was able to reach local communities in Tugela Ferry through training community members in area-specific farming techniques. These farming techniques included providing training by industry specialists, selecting and planting seedlings, and the appropriate use of fertilizer and pesticides for the best crop yield. On the 10th of June 2022, the Foundation hosted a certification handover event to felicitate community members from the Tugela Ferry region who completed the training.

The certificates were conferred in the presence of local community heads and key figures from the agricultural and forestry industries. Along with the certificate, the foundation included backpacks that were filled with stationery, diaries and caps to shelter recipients from the Kwazulu-Natal sun, as they go about applying their newly acquired skills in the fields. Meshen Moodley of the Amrut Foundation stated that: “Skills acquired through the Amrut Foundation’s training program will effect positive change in local farming practices, as our newly certified trainees will share their knowledge with other members of the farming community. I believe the Foundation’s proudest moment will be when people from the community will reach out to say that they could do more for their families this season because the training helped yield a better crop.”

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